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Chicks and Dice


Christian is a deluxe gigolo living in Las Vegas. He has many friends, issuing from the same mold: chicks, pimps, crooner, Shylock and other living in Las Vegas. Sin City is built on the fantasies people coming to visit, and dream having fun and excitement. Most of these are about sex, gaming and fame. Christian has a female clientele: patron that enjoys his romantic behavior and the pleasure he can give them for some dollars. So, with those, regular and occasional, he lives a lush life scrolling from casino to casino, from hotel to hotel, bringing them, if they pay for, for luxurious restaurants to fancy bar. A gigolo make love, but avoid falling in love. Until he met Ronny, Ronelle MacArthur. Together, they will live some romantic time until she has to fly back East. Christian usually left a little gift to her passionate patron. But this time, it will lead to a burden. And gaming will add drama to the World Capital of Entertainment. Dreams are usually confused with fame and fantasy. Christian and his friends how to use it for their profit. And trouble too.

A 21st century tale of romance, sex, lush and dreams, set in the gaming capital of the world, where fun and drama could happen, as fortune could be made and vanish at once. And entertainment is everywhere as the action goes.